First Seminar of UEFA CFM Course Comes to a Close


The first seminar of the UEFA Certificate in Football Management course has concluded in Tbilisi. Over a period of two days, the 24 participants were introduced to the first three modules of the programme by UEFA representatives, top academics from leading European universities and GFF Vice-President Nikoloz Jgarkava.

The following topics were covered during the first seminar:

•    The Organisation of World Football
•    Strategic Management
•    Operational Management

The programme will continue with its long-distance learning component. The second seminar is due to take place in February 2020.

The course has 24 participants, including representatives from Georgian football clubs, the Georgian Football Federation and its member associations, successful graduates of the Georgian version of CFM, as well as representatives of the national associations of Germany, England, Scotland, Wales and Denmark. The main purpose of the programme is to develop the modern football management skills of people working in the game.

This is the second time that the European governing body’s English-language educational course is hosted by the Georgian Football Federation.