Official Start of the UEFA Certificate in Football Management Course


The official opening of the UEFA Certificate in Football Management course took place at the Republic multifunctional centre today. This is the second time that the European governing body’s English-language educational course is hosted by the Georgian Football Federation. Participants were greeted with welcoming speeches by the GFF President Levan Kobiashvili and the UEFA Programme Manager Alexandra Doncila. Mr. Kobiashvili emphasised the importance of such educational projects for the development of Georgian football.

💬 “We are hosting the UEFA CFM programme to emphasise our association’s commitment towards prioritising education. Naturally, Georgian football will significantly benefit from this programme. I would like to wish the participants the best of luck, and to highlight the importance of representatives from various European associations joining their Georgian counterparts in this course. I am certain that the exchange of ideas will be beneficial to everyone” – GFF President Levan Kobiashvili.

The first seminar of the programme will take place over two days. Lectures will be read by UEFA representatives and top academics from leading European universities.

The course has 24 participants, including representatives from Georgian football clubs, the Georgian Football Federation and its member associations, successful graduates of the Georgian version of CFM, as well as representatives of the national associations of Germany, England, Scotland, Wales and Denmark. The main purpose of the programme is to develop the modern football management skills of people working in the game.

Participants will study the following topics:

  • The Organisation of World Football
  • Strategic Management
  • Operational Management
  • Football Marketing and Sponsorship
  • Communications, Media and Public Relations
  • Event and Volunteer Management

The programme consists of eight modules, and will conclude in the summer 2020. Candidates will be assessed based on written assignments and face-to-face examinations.