The 2023 UEFA European Under-21 Championship final tournament draw streamed live from the Romanian Atheneum in Bucharest at 18:00 CET on Tuesday 18 October will involve 16 teams: co-hosts Georgia and Romania, the nine qualifying group winners, the best runners-up and the four play-off winners.

The teams will be drawn into four groups of four. The top two teams in each group will progress to the knockout phase. The finals will be played from 21 June to 8 July 2023.

For match scheduling purposes, the host associations (Georgia and Romania) are given the positions A1 and B1 respectively. The 16 teams are divided into four pots according to their position in the UEFA Under-21 National Team Coefficient Rankings.


Pot 1

Spain (coefficient 41.837)

Portugal (40.130)

Germany (holders, 39.668)

France (37.887)

Pot 2

Netherlands (36.626)

England (35.798)

Italy (35.244)

Romania (co-hosts, position B1, 32.414)

Pot 3

Croatia (31.945)

Switzerland (31.744)

Belgium (31.550)

Czechia (30.455)

Pot 4

Ukraine (29.362)

Norway (27.872)

Israel (25.732)

Georgia (co-hosts, position A1, 24.442)

The draw will create four groups of four teams, each group being composed of one team from each pot.

The draw starts with Pot 4 from where a team is drawn and assigned to the first available group (in alphabetical order).

To determine the position of the drawn team within the group, a ball is drawn from the relevant bowl, e.g. ‘Group C’ to determine the position within the group (C1, C2, C3 or C4).

The next ball is drawn to be assigned to the next available group; again, a ball is drawn from the relevant bowl containing the group positions; the same procedure is repeated until every team from Pot 4 has been assigned to a group and been given a position in the group in question.

Once Pot 4 has been emptied, the draw continues with Pot 3 then Pot 2 and concludes with Pot 1.

Georgia are assigned to position A1 and Romania are assigned to position B1. When drawing these teams from their respective pot, Groups A and B are therefore not available for the other teams in the respective pots.

The eight stadiums across five cities and two nations that will stage the games.


Batumi, Batumi Arena: 3 Group C games, Semi-final, Final

Kutaisi, Shengelia Stadium: 3 Group C games, Quarter-final

Tbilisi, Meskhi Stadium: 3 Group A games, Quarter-final

Tbilisi, Paichadze Stadium: 3 Group A games (involving Georgia)


Bucharest, Giulești Stadium: 3 Group B games, Quarter-final

Bucharest, Steaua Stadium: 3 Group B games (involving Romania), Semi-final

Cluj-Napoca, CFR Cluj Stadium: 3 Group D games Cluj-Napoca,

Cluj Arena: 3 Group D games, Quarter-final