1. Who can participate in the UEFA European U-21 Championship volunteer programme?

Any person over the age of 18 as of 1 June 2023 can take part in the programme. They must be able to converse in English. They must be motivated and keen to become part of an interesting, diverse and fun group, get involved in organising a large-scale international event, familiarise themselves with organisational topics and develop their professional skills. We are waiting for you!

2. How do I register for the UEFA European U-21 Championship volunteer programme?

In order to take part in the volunteer programme, applicants must complete the registration form on the UEFA volunteer platform, which will be accessible from 18 January 2023.

3. When will the application period open?

Application will be open from 18 January until 10 April 2023.

4. Will it be possible for me to choose the location and activity area?

When filling out the application form, you can indicate your preferred host city and activity area.

5. What stages do I have to go through in order to become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer:

  • Complete the application form on the UEFA volunteer platform:
  • Choose UEFA Under 21 Championship 2023 Georgia and submit the application.
  • In case of successful registration, you will receive a confirmation by email. 
  • The team responsible for volunteer selection will then arrange an interview. 
  • Volunteers who successfully pass the interview stage will undergo training for their relevant functions and receive information about the tournament details, roles and scheduled shifts.  

6. How do I find out whether or not I have been selected as a volunteer?

Selected candidates will receive a notification on the specified email address or phone number.

7. Work schedule

The number of work days for each volunteer will depend on the position selected by them. Mandatory work days include match day(s) and training day(s). Additional information about specific work schedules will be sent to the selected volunteers based on their activity area.

8. What do I gain from my involvement in this programme?

  • Unique opportunity to become part of a diverse team at an international tournament;
  • Experience and knowledge of organisational topics;
  • Professional and personal skills;
  • New friends and contacts;
  • Positive energy.

9. What are the benefits of the volunteer programme?

  • Joint UEFA and GFF international certificate;
  • Food and transportation;
  • Branded accessories;
  • Participation in the closing ceremony together with the organising team.

10. Contact details of the volunteer organising team

For more information, please email the volunteer organising team: [email protected]

11. Do I get paid for volunteer work?

Volunteer work is unpaid.

12. Can I take part in the volunteer programme if I live outside Georgia?

Participation is possible, but please bear in mind that accommodation and travel costs are not covered by the organiser.

2023 January
Applications open
2023 February
2023 March
Registration period ends
2023 April
Volunteers selection
2023 May/June
Volunteers program activation
2023 July
Closing events

Volunteer Positions

During the tournament, the stadium territory will be divided into several zones (pitch, media centre and others). The accreditation team will prepare passes/accreditation cards for individuals according to their activity field. These passes will be issued by the accreditation centre. The accreditation volunteer will assist the team in producing and issuing accreditations, as well as in other organisational matters.

The marketing volunteer, together with the marketing team, will be involved in the administration of organisational matters at the venues, distribution of marketing materials, placement of materials at the target location (e.g. press conferences) and other marketing activities, as needed.

A youth programme volunteer will assist the team in planning events and organising entertainment programmes. They will also coordinate the children participating in the youth programme.

The duty of the media volunteer is to support the media team, receive media representatives, answer questions, verify information for accreditation, administer organisational issues for the smooth movement of media workers around the venue based on accreditation (in the media zone, in the area reserved for photographers, in the press conference room, etc.), carry out the tasks of the media manager at the venue, as well as promptly execute any technical issues for press conferences and interviews together with the media team.

The events team plans the pre-match and closing events at all four host venues, creating a festive and memorable atmosphere for fans. An events volunteer will assist the team in planning and organising the events, and administer any ongoing/technical issues at the venue, as directed by the Events Manager.

The ticketing volunteer will be involved in administering technical issues at the venue, distributing tickets, and administering any technical issues at the ticket centre, based on the instructions of the manager.

With regards to fan service, the ticketing volunteer will help the match spectators find their designated area and seat on the outer and inner perimeters of the venue, provide technical support whenever needed, and check the validity of the tickets.

The volunteer responsible for guest coordination/hospitality at the tournament will be the contact person for the guests at the UEFA European Under-21 Championship. Their function will be to meet and greet the guests in different areas of the venue, escort them to the seats reserved for the guests and provide them with information about the tournament, provide technical support in the VIP zone, registration of employees who came to the catering facility intended for the organizing team of the championship at the stadiums, control of the cleanliness and order of the catering facility. Administering other organisational issues as assigned by the manager.

The doping programme volunteer will be monitored by the UEFA anti-doping team. They will be responsible for providing players with information about the doping test and supporting them until the end of the process as needed.

Under the direction of the Volunteer Manager, volunteers at the venue’s volunteer centre will ensure proper functioning of the centre, coordination of volunteers and administration of organisational issues. According to need and demand, volunteers will help the organising team in various activities at the venue.

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